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Today's jackpot is 8 points!

manika (33) 863

Person of the day

Person of the day will be a user who has been on the top of the chart the most (there are separate charts for men and women). The chart is updated six times per hour and every time it's updated the person on top of the chart will get a certain amout of points to her/his daily score.

The amount of points is equal to the number of users On-line at this moment (you can see the number on the bottom of the first page). The reason is simple - if there's a lot of users then the chart is changing faster and the first place is more valuable. The chart of the day is also changed six time per hour, the last points will be added around 23:53.

In the beginning of a new day the user who obtained the biggest score during last day and was the person of the day, will get jackpot. Certain amount of points are added to her/his account. The Jackpot's size will increase during the day and it's growth is visible at the site in real time. NB! Only one person will get the points - the one who is the person of the day and on top of the chart at 23:59. Congratulations! :)

Region's leader

Region leader is a user from your location who has highest picture rating. Same rules apply to region leader (limits aso.) as in the TOP. You can also see who is a leader in some other region - choice of regions is available near leader's picture.

Leader of your region
Todays top:
manika (33) 863
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Today's jackpot is 8 points.
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