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DaTTka blog

A wild, Sicilian native cactus,
Mafia spreads to fill cracks
In law of an impotent rule;
It breeds in silence
And feeds on knives and barrels of gun,
On fists, fights and deceits
That weave a web of parallel power
In the morass of illgotten fortune.

A crude trade in evils
Of threats, assaults and deaths,
All sold in open shops for price
And forcible trade of savage judgement
That digs deep to chilled bones
Of hapless, fawning common man
While the cowering the state acquiesces in threats
And sets on saddle, the organised crime.

Mafia grows in violent gang-wars
In slums, bulanes, in jobless youths
While one man grows too big for the state
And permeates the state with bribes and threats;
The underground world is ruthless world
Where no wife, no friend, no mercy has place;
It is loyal world of blood-freezing discipline
Where love or death make just a day’s difference.

Business here is God and silence, all;
Secrets are kept or betrayer, lynched on the spot;
Mafia takes state on when cornered to fight,
Who trade concessions with police, magistrates
And law-makers, ministers and stars;
They run a world of steely frames and gold
And corners studded with dazzling diamonds;
But, live a sad life from death to death.


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offline DaTTka (29)
საქართველო, საქართველო, რუსთავი

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