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DaTTka blog

Sprinkles of sweet memories
Hiding deep ‘neath my heart
Open up like a lovely dream;
Beneath the face of pristine charm,
Hovers immortal passion’s song
Ardently writ with joy and grief.

Passion for the past gentle Warmth in heart
Reprieves live canvas form the time’s womb
Along the long course of life’s sweet, salt tears;
Vivid pictures of hope, despair, joy and grief
Ensconce the Self from utter loss and ennui;
Esurient heart delves deep to the skeletons of the past,
Now, numb ‘neath the layers of latter deposits,
Keel like winter lakes of Himalayan range
Under the blazing Sun of present realities.
Menseful thoughts of those bright, lovely days
Arraign the course, pursued since then,
Redolent of dry tanks of hot summer.

Joys of joy and joys of grief surface
Sweet memories like broken sweet dreams.

Restituted to the ripples in stars’ sparkles,
Deliquesced to invious candescence,
Subtle gentle memories creep in hearts;
United while untied from realities,
Veiled memories lead out of dreary dales;
And I drink memory’s indefatigable grace,
Reverential to bones, swear to its dreams;
Nonpareil edifices, the past raised,
Aye hoist life to the halcyon clime.


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offline DaTTka (30)
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