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Secretly In Love

Secretly In Love

I saw you standing curiously beside the door
Looking so handsome while staring at the floor
Suddenly you raise your gaze and meet mine
Not knowing that it could make my fingers intertwine

Unaware of my feelings, you smile
Making me feel I’m on a cloud nine for awhile
What have you done to me, you sweet guy
You came into my life and change me in every way

I used to be so ordinary
Then you came and made me feel like a some body
You may not know it but you’ve done it accordingly
To my heart you fit so perfectly

You are my friend and I don’t wanna lose you
I’d rather keep this feeling than be without you
Having you near is fair enough for me
To keep going and dream of something new to see

Sometimes I pray you feel the same
Sometimes I wonder if you call my name
Sometimes I wish I could say to you
Oh boy, I’m Secretly in Love with you


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offline DaTTka (30)
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