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DaTTka blog
New Generation

The orange sun sets once more
Alive at the end of one more day
All great darkness settles in
For its nightly ghostly reign
The great silver moon rises
In its full healthy glory
He howls in the vast distance
And I know who he’s calling for

I step forth on the earth
My last feast still on my lips
I look to the near mountain
And his silluette masks its top
I run to him through the brush
It’s forbidden this I do tonight
But I cannot stop the heart
Or what the heart desires

As I get closer I slow to walk
He hears my closing presence
And lets a low deep growl
To make sure that it is me
I call to him in a low rumble
And before anything else
He jumps to me and holds me
This has been way too long

The last time we were nearly seen

And that would mean death
So this time we go into hiding
Near a silver wondering river
Along a patch of wild garlic grows
We know my kind won’t follow
And my senses are weakened by love
So this has no effect on myself

We can now live here forever
Enjoying each other’s greatnesses
And living with the differences
We have created a family now
Me and him and our hybrid young
They will never know the cruelty
That was shown to their parents
They will enjoy the life of freedom

As our kind engage in pointless wars
And kill off our races entirely
We will survive and prosper forever
Yes we are different from the rest
But that is what has saved us
Otherwise we would battletill death
And the destruction of everything
But here we have life and family


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DaTTka (31)
The new Generation
#1, 25.01.2012 - 01:12

offline DaTTka (31)
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