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gio877 blog

You msaqvedurob

You msaqvedurob that poetry no longer offers
You msaqvedurob, if you damenana sky,
Sadness is not a rare knight,
If I am your, your poem is not it?

I look after the child sipakizes everywhere!
I want to mogirchino sheber soul wound.
Moakzhama always been quiet and lonely,
I celebrate with all my openness.

Thinking parpata, mobibine rife with Molly,
Fate Fate sometimes hampered Zekari.
Our beautiful days, the tsamoqolili mstovrebi,
Envy and gossip rude not miekara color.

Time in other areas of heavy wings promises, I know,
The eternal love of the sun over the border.
Arsebulsa and dajerebuls as a strong,
If I were you and you to me in the sky.

You mark my hot bagis gatqvia shanti,
You, who are heavily gadalekhe Ethnic slope,
Me and my eternal fire dantils,
Life is good, even sikvdilshia mogendobi


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