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Medalioni blog

პოეტი არის ...

Poeti Aris Poeti Erti,

Poeti Aris Yoveltvis Gmerti.

Poeti Aris, Poeti Mxolod,

Sikvdili Aris Poetis Bolo.

Poeti Aris Poeti Loti,

Misi Cxovreba Dardia, ShFoti.

Poeti Aris Poeti GiJi,

Poeti Aris Yoveltvis Mshvidi.

Poetshi Aris Gvtiuri Dzala,

Poeti Yoveltvis RaGacas Malavs.

Poeti Aris Poeti Martod,

LeQsebi Aris Poetis Sazrdo .......


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