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Men! Take these tips and show your beard some love

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Growing a beard is easy; all you have to do is not shave, right? But you couldn’t be more wrong. Anybody can grow a beard but to make a style statement, it requires commitment.

This party season, if you want to step out in style, a neat, well-groomed beard can take you a long way. Your beard needs some upkeep because if you don’t pay attention, pretty soon you’re going to look like a caveman right out of the history books.

Whether you are just past the stubble stage or have just started to grow it, look into these beard care tips.

Face cut rules the shape

For a square face, keep hair fuller on the chin and shorter on the sides. For a round face, the hair should be longer on the bottom and shorter on the sides. If you have a oblong or a rectangular face the keep the sides fuller and the bottom shorter.

Feed your beard

A healthy beard is the result of a healthy diet. What you eat plays a very important role in keeping your beard healthy and glowing. This means you need to gorge on green vegetables, nuts and eggs to get your dose of daily vitamins and proteins.

Trim thy beard

Regular trimming will help you maintain the shape. However, it’s the not the only way to keep your beard in line, a daily rubdown with a comb or a beard brush will train them to grow in a downward direction. A trimmer is suited for the edge of the beard. But for shaping the bulk, opt for scissors and a comb.

Patience is the name of the game

A magnificent beard is always a result of self-restraint. So if you want your beard to look great at the party then let it grow, don’t shave or trim, and leave it untouched for four weeks. This will ensure that it grows evenly. It’ll also help you pick a style and length which suits you.

Don’t forget your moustache

If you are going to grow the beard of your dreams then you can’t do it without growing a moustache. To make sure it looks neat and well kept; regularly trim the area under the nose with a pair of scissors.

Pamper your beard

Want your beard to look shiny and feel soft? Then don’t forget to use beard oil. It tames the beard and keeps it hygienic. Besides, it keeps your beard smelling good all the time. Just like you moisturise your face, take care of your beard too.

Regular cleansing

Wash and shampoo your beard regularly. Go for a mild shampoo as it is easier on the skin. You can use a conditioner too after shampooing. Gently pat and wipe your beard clean with a towel. But remember that overzealous toweling can lead to frizz and split ends.Read more at:cocktail dresses uk


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